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Like father, like gun…


If it’s Monday, I must be destroying large swathes of Moscow…

How can the same shizz happen to the same guy…five times?

Yes, after Len Wiseman‘s Die Hard 4.0 (“Live Free or Die Hard to folks Stateside) relaunched John McClane‘s cinematic adventures a few years ago, we’re due another go-round with NYC’s most lethal killing machine/proud pop.

Another tough day at the office…

And, indeed, it appears that this instalment of the “Die Hard” series is ‘take your kid to work day’, as McClane Junior is along for the ride and the proverbial apple

And here it is – the first teaser trailer for February 2013’s “A Good Day to Die Hard”, directed by bonkers Irishman John Moore (his previous work includes “Max Payne“, “The Omen” remake, “Flight of the Phoenix” and “Behind Enemy Lines“).

Things explode, young women are incapable of keeping their clothes on around him, Ode to Joy is playing all the time – it’s as comfortable as a pair of worn-in shoes, frankly.

See you down the front on February 14th (or thereabouts), fight fans.



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Max Payne shoots down your front door in March 2012

He's back and his overly-florid inner monologue is PISSED...

Still waiting for some news on Rockstar Games’ PS3 exclusive, “Agent”?  Yeah, me too.  The good news according to VG24/7 is that another Rockstar game is actually being released –  “Max Payne 3 has escaped the internal Rockstar when it’s done” approval process and is finally due out in March 2012.  Here’s a poster to tide you over until that rumoured October gameplay reveal shows it’s hand…

Would sir like blood with his blood?

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