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Metallic(a) K.O.

Your weekly slice of Paramore, Gerard Way and A7X news – “Kerrang!”

Venerable UK metal mag “Kerrang!” (where you’re never more than issue away from a Hayley Williams poster) have commissioned another one of their periodic cover-mount CDs which pays tribute to one of the genre’s greats – this time thrash founding fathers and veritable colossi Metallica get the oft-dubious ‘honour’ of having up-and-coming bands cover their tunes.

I see what they did there…

In a break with tradition, this time around the bands are covering an entire record – Metallica’s seminal 1991 untitled or ‘Black’ album.

For the most part, few of the bands are diverging too far from the Metallica template, as if you’ve got material like this to work with, it doesn’t really make that much sense to give the likes of Sad But True or The Unforgiven a quick-and-dirty dubstep spray-job and hope that replacing singer James Hetfield‘s commanding and unmistakable baritone with a Cookie Monster death grunt will suffice as far as adding new elements to the existing songs.

UK metal chaps, Rise To Remain, proud owners of one of 2011’s best debuts, “City of Vultures”.

The CD starts off with upstart UK post-metalcore types Rise To Remain doing “Enter Sandman” and making a pretty decent go of it – singer Austin Dickinson has a really decent set of pipes (blame his Dad) and doesn’t disgrace himself in the slightest.  The rest of the recently-rejigged band are taut as the proverbial drum skin – lead guitarist Ben Tovey is definitely one to watch and dashes off a blistering lead with echoes Kirk Hammett‘s original but slips in absurdly speedy flurries of notes which somehow don’t become annoying.  Quite an achievement.

Other highlights are UK experimentalists The Defiled giving a subtle electronic make-over to “The Unforgiven”, which really works quite well, UK thrashers Savage Messiah doing a number on “Of Wolf And Man” and Fluffrick favourites, the delightful Evile, doing “Through The Never” (Ol Drake for the proverbial win…).

If you’re outside the UK, it might be more difficult to obtain this compilation (unless you’re using channels which I can’t condone but can understand you utilising in this instance) but if “Kerrang!” is available more easily to you, the tracks on the CD make this a no-brainer issue to pick up, especially if you’re like me and only buy the mag a couple of times a year.  I am, as the good folk at GT News in Sheffield will doubtless attest, a “Metal Hammer” kind of fellow when it comes to musical periodicals…

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October Thrashing Mad

In a move which can only confirm their reputation as the nicest Thrash-inspired UK outfit on the block, Yorkshire’s own Evile have confirmed a UK tour for October 2012, with a Sheffield show scheduled in positively indecent proximity to my birthday.  You might say utter coincidence – I’d like to think otherwise, obviously…

Evile lead guitarist Ol Drake

Ol Drake of Evile – fast fingers flying ferociously, don’t you know?

Nonetheless, what absolute legends.

If you’re unfamiliar with Evile – I can see that you might be – let’s do our best to remedy that by directing you to the video for their delightful track “Thrasher”.  Isn’t that just the most face-meltingly quick and bracing slice of Thrashy Metal goodness that you’ve heard all day?  It’s like the mid-eighties never went away and Metallica never made a duff record.  Ahem…

Like an oddly metallic, quite heavy comfort blanket – Evile!

It’s a weird thing to feel oddly comforted by music which is, on the face of it, quite abrasive and the proverbial middle-finger to provincial notions of safety and familiarity but Thrash/Neo-Thrash/Thrash Revival stuff is still as vital and exciting (and quite absurdly soothing) to me as it was back in the eighties when Slayer had dodgy mullets and the mighty Anthrax (always my favourite of the Big Four) were penning glorious odes to Judge Dredd.

I never quite got into Black Metal – the Cookie Monster vocals have been something of a sticking point for me – so Thrash is probably as musically extreme as I go.  Punky energy and occasionally politicised lyrics with the aural comfort blanket of 900 MPH guitar solos and Metal double-bass drums – what’s not to like?

To convince you further as to Evile’s status as princes amongst men and women, have a gander at guitarist Ol Drake fearlessly mashing up Judas Priest and Lady Gaga on YouTube with a version of “Born This Way”.  I’m sure that Mother Monster would approve…


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A Friday moment of (Metal) Zen…

Who doesn't love a good pun?

Via the Metal Hammer magazine Facebook page…


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Today in “Does Not Want” – realistic Beavis & Butthead busts

Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Heh-heh-heh!

Why not be chilled to the very core of your soul and read more over at Geekologie..?

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Metallica’s 30th anniversary shows – with added Ozzy & Mustaine

Iron Men

Blabbermouth has a cool report on the last of Metallica’s 30th anniversary shows – and a star-studded affair it was too.

Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler and Dave Mustaine notable enough names for you?

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Lou Reed is smarter than you.

Watch this blog get an adult content advisory now because of this picture...

The reviews have not been kind.  The fans are somehow even less diplomatic.

Die! Die! Die! But buy our record first...

Surely somebody must like Lou Reed’s collaboration with Metallica, “Lulu”?

Of course “Lulu” has a champion and that valiant soul is one Lou Reed, who mounts a vigorous defence of the collaboration by challenging the intellect of his critics.  That course of action has always been the best gambit for emerging triumphant in a free and frank exchange of views, as anybody who’s ever had a playground fight will surely attest.

He's a rock n' roll animal, you know...

Few will ever call this their favourite record by either artist,  but I have to say that I have a place in my heart for projects like this which are at least trying to do something unexpected, singular and defiantly individual.  Not Lou Reed enough for the down town art set, not horn-throwing enough for classic ‘tallica fans – so probably interesting in its own right, then?

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Metallica/Lou Reed – fancy a listen?

Blabbermouth have a whole 28 seconds of the much-awaited collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed for you to listen to.

Die, die, die! Waiting for your man.


Surprisingly, it sounds like Metallica jamming with Lou Reed.   Funny, that.


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