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An “Elric” film in the pipeline?

Elric of Melnibone, black blade-wielding goth pin-up...

As Empire’s story on the matter suggests, non-Tolkien fantasy is a hard sell to movie studios, so the prospect of an Elric film adaptation seems about as likely as Mastodon scoring the next “Alvin & The Chipmunks” sequel.

That uphill task apparently hasn’t completely disheartened the Weitz brothers, Paul and Chris, who still harbour the desire to bring Michael Moorcock’s counter-culture fantasy icon to cinema screens.

My feeling on this would be that Hollywood isn’t the place to go for this project – it’s too weird for the same system which will happily drop millions of dollars on turning board games into action flicks.    Would it be utter utopian insanity to hope that this character and his trippy quest might comfortably find a more supportive home with European fantasy – get a Luc Besson on board to produce and raise the finance and we might yet see a film which is true to the spirit and ideals of Moorcock’s fiction without having to fret too much about selling action figures and t-shirts to teenagers in California?

I’m sure that all of these avenues have been explored by the Weitz Brothers twice over, but the continent which brought us “Metal Hurlant” surely has some kind of shared approach to fantasy, wouldn’t you say (weird beards unite!).


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