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Titans or Princesses?


I don’t know if this is the case for you but I find myself being oddly defensive towards fantasy flicks, sci-fi pics and things horrific when they open at the box office – on the basis that if you don’t support them, all we’re going to end up with is bland mainstream thrillers and Katherine Heigl rom-coms because that what’s Hollywood thinks they know how to make.

Note the presence of the word ‘thinks’ in that paragraph.

Take, for example, the soon-come first Snow White movie of 2012, Tarsem Singh’s revisionist fairytale “Mirror Mirror”.  The first trailer had me gagging, the second one less so and now I’m kind of in two minds about whether I want to go and see it at the cinema after Den of Geek’s surprisingly decent review (Mrs Rolling Eyeballs is also fond of revisionist fairy tales so this is quite up her alley).


The thing that’s putting me off – or, to be more accurate, having me think that I’ll get more bang for my buck – is “Wrath of the Titans”.  I was no fan of Louis Leterrier’s charmless “Clash of the Titans” reboot as it squandered an amazing cast, resources and mythology in favour of delivering a movie which felt more like “God of War 4” than an actual film – unskippable PS3 cut-scene as cinema.

There are aspects about this sequel which perk up my interest – this trailer helped, the presence of the always excellent Rosamund Pike, this movie actually featuring some ACTUAL BLOODY TITANS, which is quite nice.  Plus, you can’t go wrong with Ralph Fiennes looking like he’s auditioning for Dimmu Borgir

The Antiquity Ass Kicking may have sealed things for me, but there is a dark horse candidate which also looks rather fabulous…


Gotta love Aardman Animation.

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“Snow White & The Huntsman” – second trailer ups the fairytale ante

Hmm...pretty fantasy gubbins, ahoy.

In the battle of duelling “Snow White” movies, I long since pledged my viewership to Brit helmer Rupert Sanders and his “Snow White & The Huntsman” effort – despite multiple viewings of differing trailers, I’ve not been able to warm to the Tarsem Singh-helmed Julia Roberts-starring “Mirror, Mirror”, which seems to be going down a fluffy sitcom direction which will doubtless speak to a lot of folks.

I’m just not one of those folks.

My cautious nerd-jones for the Kristen Stewart/Chris Hemsworth/Charlize Theron effort has been stoked somewhat by the second trailer for the film, which is now online.

Ooh - she's SO evil.

And, no, it’s not due to Charlize wearing a lot of milk and not a lot else – I’m going with the trailer’s frequent bat-shizz insane flights of fantasy, bonkers action and epic scale shenanigans which promise that, if nothing else, this will be a feast for the eyes.

It’s due to open on June 1st, opposite that Ridley Scott film we were discussing the other day – option paralysis engage!

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“Mirror Mirror” – the OTHER Snow White film has a trailer

Lily Collins, as the fairest of them all, in Tarsem Singh's "Mirror Mirror"

You wait for one revisionist take on the Snow White tale and then two of the blighters fetch up at the same time.  Typical.  Have a gander at the first teaser for “Mirror Mirror”.

This version comes from Tarsem Singh, whose myth, blood and thunder tale “Immortals” opened last week to less than stellar reviews and middle-of-the-road box office takings.  I hesitate to bad mouth anything when all that I’ve seen is a two-minute trailer, but I get the distinct sense that this iteration isn’t aimed at me and that I won’t be going to see it any time soon.

The look of the scenes in the trailer is odd, for one thing.  It looks more like a sitcom on broadcast TV than a film – I’ve heard the late, lamented “Pushing Daisies” as a reference point but that’s not what I was getting from the “Mirror Mirror” trailer.

I liked “Pushing Daisies”.  This, Sir/Madam, is noPushing Daisies”.

As an additional entry in the debit column, Julia Roberts is villainously mugging for all that she’s worth as the Evil Queen, dropping a series of not even remotely funny one-liners and doing her best to assassinate a faux-British accent.

I don’t like to pre-judge anything, but this trailer suggests a film which is headed directly towards the ‘Does Not Want’ file when it opens on March 16, 2012.


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