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“Misfits” is back. In related news, the Daily Mail triples itself.

If you like your superheroes not very heroic, mostly without the burden of morality and singularly failing to be role models to anyone but the criminally insane, you’ll be as delighted as I am to see that E4 are showing the third series of “Misfits” from Sunday night.

Alisha and Simon. Ain't young (super-powered, time-travelling) love grand?

This would be a trailer for season three.  With somebody in the gang who certainly isn’t Robert Sheehan.  But I’m sure he’ll be an excellent addition.

After what happened at the end of the Christmas special – as I don’t want to spoiler anybody, let’s just say that shizz hit fans, stuff got mental and nobody’s quite who they once were –  I’m intrigued to see how the third series will play out.

Just how far can they go with the ‘ASBO youth with super-powers’ schtick of previous series, because I thought that the second series did some excellent sci-fi storytelling which might have run the risk of alienating the part of the audience who turned up for gross gags and OMG moments.

More of this fellow, please, and heavy on the 'timey-wimey' gubbins if you don't mind.

Episode One is on E4 at 10:00pm on Sunday and definitely won’t be available by entirely legal, copyright-friendly interweb channels soon thereafter.  Ahem.




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