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A Season of Vamps: “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter”

Oh, hell yes...

To watch the newly-released teaser trailer for “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter” is to encounter a film which has apparently been made with a very specific demographic in mind.


The things which this movie appears to deliver are numerous.  I love me some Timur Bekmambetov – his deranged mind previously brought you “Night Watch”, “Day Watch” and “Wanted”.  There’s plenty of vampires, as the title would have you believe – no false advertising here.  We’ve got a train-track full of anachronistic absurdity, fashion models acting, over-cranked slow motion and bonkers action sequences apparently dreamt up after a pre-sleep cheese supper and far too much espresso the morning afterwards.

I’m particularly fond of the bit with Abe having a dust up on horseback in the middle of a stampede.  Ripped from the history books, so it is.

Of course, by the same token, if some utterly hatstand visionary young turk were to dream up “Margaret Thatcher – Werewolf Smasher” and cast Emily Blunt as the Grantham Grappler, I’d have to watch the shizz out of that project, too.

Funny how a still from "The Wolfman" just works for my harebrained horror mash-ups, huh?



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“Prometheus” – the trailer gets a trailer.

The Girl With The Funny Bubble Helmet? Image via AVP Spectrum.

This phenomenon has already besmirched the world of video games – now, movies are getting in on the act of having a teaser trailer for a teaser trailer.

That level of meta calls for gif-based commentary, wouldn’t you say?

Is this real life?

Yes, “Prometheus” hype commenced last night in earnest on Apple’s trailer page, with an initial trailer for a full trailer which arrives properly on Thursday.  I’m biting, obviously, as I’m writing this post and linking to the trailer but you do have to wonder what the thinking is behind treating a teaser (which is, after all, an advertisement) as though it’s a major pop cultural event worthy of an advertising campaign of its own.

Are we still in the van, or are we in the hotel now?  I admit, I’m confused.



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