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Pixar’s “Brave” trailer strides nobly across the interwebs…

More Pixar genius or "Mulan" with a gentle Scots burr?

For most of the time, I love Pixar – let us not speak of the wretched “Cars” series and all will be well – and I find myself very much cheered by the first full trailer for 2012’s offering from the House that Lasseter built, Scottish-set adventure, “Brave”.

Great voice talent (Kelly McDonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Craig Ferguson)  behind the scenes, a fine Scots setting and a tantalising hint of fantasy-based adventure (seemingly utilising the mythology approach which so well served DreamWorks Animation’s How To Make A Perfect Movie How To Train Your Dragon”) the latter point being of the highest note, as Pixar doing Fantasy/Sci-Fi is very much my bag of premium quality, Etruscan Sea Salt and Moroccan Vinegar flavoured crisps.

The aforementioned automotive atrocities aside, Pixar haven’t really put a dainty sized 8 wrong for me during the last fifteen or so years – let’s hope that “Brave” continues their winning streak.  Yes, the beats in the trailer seem to be selling me “Mulan” with a Highlands accent and appear to riff on the whole proto-Feminist-but-not-too-feminist messaging that a lot of Disney-affiliated flicks like to trot out, but I’m still going to keep this movie on my radar.


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