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What Joss Did Next…

"Much Ado"

So, how do you follow-up last year’s barely seen, low-budget success d’estime, “The Avengers”?  It came and went from theatres in about a week, hardly made a dent at the box office.   I don’t blame you for never having heard of it.


Luckily, somebody’s decided to let Joss Whedon out of movie jail and given him the chance to make amends for bombing so badly last time out by making something with sure-fire commercial potential – a can’t-miss, four-quadrant, summer blockbuster of a flick.

He’s only gone and made a Shakespeare adaptation!  Why, you’d almost think that he’d just made a billion dollar superhero smash and thus had carte blanche to follow his muse, call in some mates and make the Bard relevant to Generation Twitter.  Such absurdity!  It’s almost as if you have to direct a successful movie version of “Much Ado…” in order to be allowed the keys to the House of Ideas movie toy box…


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A Fistful of Princesses?




This shall not stand!

The Gameological Society – go there, read upon their assessment of games, become informed – have summed up one of the year’s defining news stories with a sweet flash game which allows you to make your own “Star Wars” Episode 7 film.

Despite the nerd-o-riffic dream team of Jane Espenson writing, Joss Whedon directing and Nathan Fillion starring, the above screen grab indicates precisely how successful that particularly geeky brains trust would be in rendering a new adventure set in a galaxy far, far away.

Tis a fix, I tells you – a fix!

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A “Rocketeer” sequel? Better late than never…

The Rocketeer” – bopping Nazi swine on the chin and narrowly evading serious rear -end charring. Now THAT’s a superhero to reckon with…

Emboldened, perhaps, by the success enjoyed by junior partners Marvel Studios with their forties flavoured action adventure, “Captain America: The First Avenger“, Big Mouse on Campus Walt Disney Studios are apparently moving ahead with a slightly overdue sequel to their 1991 comic book adaptation, “The Rocketeer.

As I say, better late than never (given the equally prolonged period between sci-fi touchstone “Tron” and its follow-up, “Tron: Legacy“, perhaps this is just the way that the House of Mouse does it), albeit an intriguing choice given that many observers may look at the gigantic shortfall between financial outlay to box office receipts for the “Tron” sequel and this year’s “John Carter” and wonder just whether Disney have the wherewithal to deliver live action sci-fi thrills which resonate for a modern audience.

For the record, I enjoyed “Tron: Legacy” well enough, loved “John Carter” and would happily adopt “The Rocketeer” and bring it up as my slightly nerdy, earnest offspring, so the news of a new film is like catnip to me.  Or whatever it is that Dog-loving people would have in place of catnip.  I digress…

Logic would tell us that Disney would keep the period setting – my teeth are positively on edge at the mere idea of a modern “Rocketeer” reinvention – but who knows where they’re going with this revamp?  If it’s not LA in the forties, I’ll be a grumpy bunny.  Or more so than usual, anyway.

A casting suggestion, if you don’t mind, for chief rocket jockey Cliff Secord and then we’ll take our leave of this retro-frippery?

This chap:



You know it makes sense.


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Ant for my next trick…


Via The Mary Sue (and Edgar Wright on Twitter).

As Edgar says – what can it mean?  And will it star Nathan Fillion, more to the point?  In this post-Avengers filmic world, the hot topic is how Marvel Studios intend to follow-up on the ludicrous, record-slaying success of the first movie.


We have a sequel to “Iron Man” and “Thor” due in 2013 and Captain America in 2014 – the very earliest that we might expect to see an “Avengers” follow-up is 2015 and if Edgar’s cryptic Tweet is to be taken at absolute face value, his much-ballyhooed Ant Man movie might be nearer to being green-lit than previously thought.  Which would give us another suitable member of the “Avengers” squad to cheer on in a couple of years, all being well.

Who is Ant Man?  Marvel Wiki is your friend…


He’s not a character devoid of controversy – but I would expect that kind of thing to be RetConned out of any filmic incarnation.  It’s okay for Tony Stark to have some alcohol intake problems if they serve the plot – but nobody really wants to see the next “Iron Man” play like an indirect sequel to Leaving Las Vegas, do they?  And I kind of doubt that Marvel are going to spend any of those “Avengers” takings on shooting a film where the lead character beats up his significant heroine other.

Edgar Wright?  A script by Joe Cornish? Crazy special effects and visual imagination running riot from one of the most exciting filmmakers of his generation?   Can I give you the ticket money now or do I have to wait on a list?

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Team Awesome…

The internet just imploded. Yeah, that happened...

Oh, corporate synergy – when you facilitate this meeting of the minds, you can be as cynical and profit-hungry as you like.

ABC – who make ace Nathan Fillion-em-up, “Castle” – clearly got the order from corporate sibling Disney that some cross-promotion for the upcoming “Avengers” would be desirable.

And rather than go the utterly shameless route that Fox did when shoe-horning the release of “Avatar” into a 2009 episode of the Fox procedural drama, Bones (a large part of that episode took place amidst the nerdy horde queuing camping outside a movie theatre waiting for James Cameron‘s sci-fi epic to open), the good people at “Castle” elected to have Robert Downey Jnr and Nathan Fillion have a wee chat and big-up Marvel’s putative superhero blockbuster to the ABC demographic.

So, boo-hiss to evil marketing!  Evil marketing wrong! Boo!  Now that I’ve made my inner Naomi Klein happy, can we talk about how awesome Downey Jnr is, how genius Nathan Fillion is and why this blatant slice of corporate back-rubbing is actually rather charming, in fact?

I like my marketing to have at least the vaguest implication of wit, so this unobtrusive and mercifully brief synergistic pow-wow did all the right things for me.  I won’t go as far as iO9 did today and playfully infer that Downey’s presence is a coded tease for Fillion being cast as Hank Pym in a future Marvel flick – be not proud, Movie Casting Power Brokers! Make it happen! – but I will delight in it nonetheless.

Plus, that thing with the hair, yeah?  Sweet!

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Nathan Fillion gets new job, nerd world rejoices.

The Hammer is his...oh never mind.

Eagle-eyed readers of this richly continuity-driven blog will be aware of my as-yet-unrequited platonic man crush on clever Canuck “Castle” star, Nathan Fillion.

When he’s not gadding about on telly as sardonic best-selling novelist come NYPD consultant Richard Castle, Fillion will spend his show hiatus playing a role singularly suited to him – as Greek god Hermes in the second “Percy Jackson” adaptation from Rick Riordan’s novels, “Sea of Monsters”.

The Sea of Monsters or 'Dinner With The Cast of 'Jersey Shore' as it's also known...

What this indicates is that Fillion’s presence means I’ll probably be checking in with a sequel that I had absolutely no intention of seeing – the first movie in the series, “Percy Jackson and The Olympians – The Lightning Thief” is used in some countries as a physician-approved insomnia cure, I’m led to believe.

Hopefully a change in director and a soft-reboot of the films might manage to take very promising, can’t miss subject matter and characters and do something positive with them – Greek gods were never supposed to be as boring as the Chris Columbus-directed original made them.

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TV is broken.

I don’t know about you, but I’m bored with TV.

Sorry, TV – it’s not you, its me.

Detectives Bland and Blander in NBC's "Grimm".

I can’t blame this year’s new fantasy series “Grimm” exclusively for that (it wouldn’t be fair to place that responsibility on the shoulders of a freshman series), but it is the show that my wife and I have been watching which does seem to illustrate some of the issues that I have with a lot of television programmes of late.

Ever since “The X-Files” went all-out and delivered a complex, conspiracy-driven SF drama which compelled viewers to pay attention and keep up with all that alien abduction/invasion continuity, television producers have seen the merit in thinking about arc plots and in telling their stories over the course of five to seven years, all in the hope of their show going into lucrative syndication.

“Grimm” wants to go this multi-year route, with its hero detective Nick Burkhardt (the pleasant but unmemorable David Giuntoli) discovering that he’s got the gift and can sniff out evil fairytale monsters who are not myths but very real threats who live in the city and prey on us.  There’s a conspiracy running in the background, almost like clockwork, and a long list of storybook beasties to pit against the permanently baffled cops.

So far, so fine – if I were putting together a show which was going to go the distance, I’d probably stick directly to the same template and hopefully watch the viewers, box set sales and desirable demographics roll in.

My issue is that I’m getting bored with formula telly.  Dramas about cops – even cops who investigate the Big Bad Wolf – lawyers and doctors are very much what I don’t care about seeing every week and that seems to be the most popular route for producers and writers to follow.

The argument might well be that those professions offer a conduit to drama and life-and-death issues which most viewers can easily relate to, but I’ve seen too much of that stuff.  House is Sherlock Holmes with a medical degree and a fine line in running shoes.  Bones is an smart-mouthed, Aspergers spectrum Atheist who won’t freak out the flyover states because, well, she’s a chick and they can justly disregard her fancy talk on that basis alone.  The problem that I have with those two shows is that they are ultimately detective shows, even if neither protagonist is a cop – detection as a framework for drama seems to be the surest thing in telly currently and I’m a bit bored with it.

I suspect that my bias may be due to my speculative fiction Jones.  Why would I watch the latest pseudo-detective quirk fest with a feature actor transitioning to TV when I can read a book which genuinely transports me and offers the accessibility of serial storytelling in a package which, for me, is more digestible and desirable?  I realise that many novel series can be accused of the same, fiscally focussed formula fetish which drives the goggle box creatives but I can justify that in a way that I can’t with network shows.

I can cast those books and see them in my mind’s eye in a fashion which is more satisfying than in having the work ninety percent done for me by a producer and casting assistant.  The action defies constraints of budget and the focus on wit is generally more desirable for me than in finding a place to have the heroes use the latest product-placed gadget or car to move the plot forward.

The exception to my arbitrary rule set. So sue me.

That said, I’m kind of looking forward to watching season four of “Castle”, for no good reason that I can think of, other than it having all of the comforting familiarity and well-trod tropes that I’ve just decried other series for cleaving to.  Yes, the ones that I’ve just been grousing about.  Me, a hypocrite and proverbial trolling blogger?  Surely some mistake…

If Nathan Fillion wasn’t the lead, I probably wouldn’t have bothered with this tale of a crime novelist consulting on real police cases, but his presence is often enough to make me give this series more of a chance than it might honestly deserve.  If ever an actor’s charm can be said to carry a show, Nathan Fillion is the main reason to watch “Castle”.

I’m a Whedonist.  I follow my Captain wherever he goes.


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Summer Glau, the finest actress you’ve never heard of.

Comic Book Resources has posted an interview with Summer Glau about her role in a new alternate reality game, “The Human Preservation Project”.

Summer Glau, Nerd superstar.

She’s playing a scientist, and judging from the homepage, Terry O’ Quinn appears to be involved, too.  From what I can gather, this appears to be a project linked to Wrigley’s ‘5′ Chewing Gum, which I’m fine with – most of their advertising seems to have some vague SF tinge, and who better to cast in your alternate reality game than two genre leading lights?

I may be biased in this, coming from a home which worships Joss Whedon alumni like Ms Glau, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day far in proportion to their actual popularity amongst the mainstream audience – though Nathan Fillion may be the exception to this, what with the popularity of his ABC tv series “Castle”.

Alternate Reality Games are great – in theory.  My enthusiasm for them wanes somewhat at the point where you are prompted to add a mobile phone numbers to proceedings and receive text or voice messages as part of the play experience.

Fancy getting a call at two in the morning which freaks you out royally, only to realise that it’s part of the ARG you half-remember signing up to?  No, me neither.

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An illuminating chat with Joss Whedon

I’ve never heard of Rookie before – it’s a website for teenaged girls.  I’m not part of the demo, I guess – are teenage girls latterly beardy, nearly 40 and quite fond of Rush nowadays?  No?  Huh.

Two men that I have a man crush on. Wait, I just said that on the internet, didn't I?

They have a singularly great interview up with Joss Whedon, who is fricking awesome and talks a bit more about “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Rookie ain’t bad either.  Isn’t it nice to discover new things?


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Joss Whedon’s William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

You go to bed for a couple of hours, wake up and discover that Joss Whedon’s only managed to deliver a Shakespearian adaptation which he directed in secret.  Oh, and it’s my birthday, too.  Who’d have thunk?

Joss Whedon. Renaissance man, wrangler of Avengers.

Well, I assume that “Much Ado About Nothing” is from the Shakespeare play – it wouldn’t be out of character for Joss to go all meta on us and deliver something with the same name which has no relation to Shakespeare’s tale of young love and connivance.

Full disclosure – it’s my favourite Shakespeare play and Whedon’s one of my favourite living artists.  I think he’s a genius. So bias should be expected.

The website that you need to go to for not many clues at all is MuchAdoTheMovie.com – hey, that’s Fran Krantz! – and check out that cast list.  Fillion! Acker! Denisof!  And some people who don’t appear to have worked with Whedon on a regular basis!


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