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A Cyberman walks into a bar…

The Black-Coated Lord of Dreams vs Clanking No Marks. Score!

Whilst we wait with breath that’s positively baited for the Festivus episode of “Doctor Who“, which will feature new companion Jenna Louise Coleman and perhaps answer some unresolved questions, news reaches this blog of Neil Gaiman-based wonderment in the soon-come season 7B – as in, the Hugo-scoffing Brit Goth Lord has enlisted Cybermen in the weaving of his latest ep.

The cast for the ep – announced by the BBC here on the official “Who” site – also includes SF stalwart Warwick Davis, soap escapee Tamzin Outhwaite and Jason Watkins (previously seen in “Being Human”, apparently) and is set in space again, as Gaiman’s previous, genius episode “The Doctor’s Wife” was to quite fine effect.

Behold the wonder in Spring 2013, I’m guessing.



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“ParaNorman” – from the twisted minds that brought you “Coraline”

Did you enjoy “Coraline”?.  Of course you did. Sympathetically adapting the great Neil Gaiman, Providing another showcase for Henry Selick’s stop-motion animation, lightly handling a blissfully creepy tone and wonderful storytelling in the grand tradition of European fairy tales – what, in a very real sense, is there not to like about “Coraline”?

Like a snapshot from my life this is, let me tell you...

Eager for another slice of off-kilter animation with a ghoulish twist?  Laika and Focus Features are releasing “ParaNorman” in the Autumn of 2012, which pits an outcast child against spooks, spectres and clueless townsfolk in an effort to save his home town from disaster.  It’s not from the pen of Gaiman, but looks wonderful all the same – the hero exploring the haunted house with the light from a mobile phone, his emo sidekick with the distended earlobes, the Donovan song as underscore, the charmingly gruesome toothbrush at the end of the trailer mark this out in some ways as an antidote to the more twee fare which passes for family-friendly animation.

I'm getting a 'Limbo' vibe, peeps. That's a GOOD thing...

Directing the film are Chris Butler and Sam Fell, who’ve worked on the likes of “Corpse Bride”, “Flushed Away” & “The Tale of Despereux” between them, which bodes well.

The Film Stage have more, including the teaser trailer.

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