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Epic, gloriously nerdy Zelda music/cosplay mash-up time!

Where's my N64 at?

Like Zelda?  Love Cosplay?  Gaga for violins? Think that your Friday would be improved tenfold if only you could enjoy a video which combines your own distinctive triumvirate of ownage?

Well, Topless Robot directed me towards a video by Devin Graham, who has put together an homage to Nintendo’s classic “Zelda” games which has ace Link Cosplay action and stirring renditions of classic music from the “Zelda” canon.

If you don’t have a smile on your face whilst watching that video, hand in your geek cards – you’ve turned into a normal.


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Reports of Nintendo’s death may have been exaggerated…

Oh, Bitter Wallet.  As well as providing me with ample consumer guidance and much in the way of Teh Lolz, you also find time to make with the excellent trolling.

Nifty hand-held or harbinger of corporate doom. Probably more the former, actually...

Witness the latest in their ‘Deathwatch’ series of posts, which seeks to update us on which retailers and organizations are ripe for the chop, in these times of austerity and penury – they’re only calling out chuffing Nintendo.

Yes, the 3DS didn’t set the world alight – is this more down to that market being well-and-truly overrun by smartphone games and tablet titles than shortcomings in Ninty’s platform? – but it’s not quite the White Elephant that many people would wish it to be.

Nintendo were pretty much in the same position when their Gamecube console arrived last gen and failed to win the hearts and minds that the N64 grabbed and they seemed to turn that around with the success of the DS and the Wii.

Nothing to see (yet), please move along…


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