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Tolkien’s 60’s Nobel snub or ‘Why awards don’t matter’…

Can't write. No good at story. Can smoke pipe a little.

Declassified new documents from Nobel judging in the 1960’s reveal that learned Swedes knew then what we could only guess at today – that J.R.R. Tolkien, author of “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy was a crap storyteller and wrote terrible prose.

I mean, it’s obvious when you look at how few copies his novels sell today and how they had no cultural impact at all beyond his death.  He may as well have packed in the writing lark as nobody today gives a fig for the universes he created.  Furthermore, if you were to type ‘Lord of the Rings’ into Google, you wouldn’t return anything like 172, 000, 000 websites  – such a result is pure flim-flam and no mistake.

Thank goodness that the completely memorable Ivo Andric won the Nobel prize for literature in 1961 and made such an earth-shattering impact on the world with his wholly celebrated work,  “The Vizier’s Elephant”.  If not for him, people might still remember this Tolkien amateur and his silly little books which nobody reads (or films) any more.

Me? Chip on my shoulder about how sci-fi, fantasy and horror are treated by the cultural establishment? Surely some mistake.

It’s not as if genre fiction in all forms of media is arguably the most popular entertainment amongst readers and viewers and actually underwrites the literary and art house loss-makers which the taste makers so adore, allowing publishers and studios to function in the first place, by making a profit which the more respected art types can then leech off…

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