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Aussie Arts Assists Aggro Artists

This is Arts Council funding that I can get behind – Australia Council for the Arts gives $20,000 grant to Death Metallists Ouroboros to fund writing and recording for their next record, including working with a symphony orchestra.


I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Death Metal – the sonic attack is fine but the subject matter traded in by some bands leaves me absolutely cold and the surfeit of melody in a lot of the bands that I’ve heard hasn’t done a lot to win me over.  That said, it’s nice to see organizations such as the Australia Council for the Arts acknowledging that worthwhile work is being done in non-traditional styles and by bands who are never going to be rivalling Nickelback in record sales – in that sense, a band like this are doing what they do for love and for Art with the proverbial capital ‘A’.

Take the ‘harsh vocals‘ side of the death metal genre – in many ways, that particular aspect of the genre is as alien and impenetrable to lay people as much of contemporary art  is to a casual observer.  The lyrical content, too, is bound to boggle fans of Jessie J or The Wanted – if they don’t just laugh it off nervously, they might well find the extremity and verbosity more akin to some form of pointedly abstract poetry which they can’t understand.

I mean – I don’t see young Master Bieber covering this song by Black Dahlia Murder any time soon…

Fair play to Ouroboros – Let’s hope that their efforts to secure this funding result in them delivering a record which delivers on their ambitions and perhaps even gives the Death Metal sceptics like me a route into a genre which I’ve previously not found that accessible.

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