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“Tomb Raider” – Lara Leaps Back



Look busy, Dinosaurs and other endangered species – Lara Croft‘s back…

It’s been a few years since Crystal Dynamics‘ last Lara adventure and this eagerly anticipated new game constitutes a reboot of sorts for the aristocratic Burial Ground Botherer, taking her in a direction which can only be described as a post-“Uncharted” action adventure (though, ironically enough, the PS3‘s favourite action hero lead Nathan Drake‘s first game was dubbed ‘Dude Raider’ by less-than-impressed initial observers).

I’ve been following the game’s progress via the ‘Final Hours Of…’ web series fronted by “Chuck” star, Zachary Levi, and feel confident that this game will deliver a different Lara experience – one which is perhaps best placed to deliver on the series’ potential with the horsepower that developers can wrestle from the Xbox 360 and PS3 this late in the current gaming generations life cycle.   I really enjoyed the last Lara outing – “Tomb Raider: Underworld” – but felt that it really needed to look at the combat mechanics (the pistol lock-on in the game still causes me to shudder involuntarily from time to time…).  And I was wholly sold on Keeley Hawes‘s voice-over work, so it remains to be seen if new incumbent, Camilla Luddington, brings much more to the character than a splendidly posh name.

Camilla Luddington

Oh, the hilarity of mo-cap suits, eh, Camilla?

Somebody must like what Crystal Dynamics are doing – producer Graham King‘s GK Productions indicate that this new game’s direction and storyline might yet be the jumping-off point for the equally anticipated movie franchise reboot.  As somebody who really liked the Angelina Jolie flicks, I’m sure that the time has come to give Lara a new outing – though who would play the world’s foremost tiger-punching, archaeological grave robber is anyone’s guess…

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PS4 Hype Train? All aboard!

PS4 devkit and new controller image via T3.com

Hype level critical?  Video Games forum posting privileges not revoked?  A much-loved, custom Jack Tretton action figure clutched to your ample bosom?  Your best “Rii-iii-iii-ddd-ggg-eee R-aaa-ccc-eee-rrr!” impersonation ready to be unleashed?

Yep, you’re ready for tonight’s PlayStation press conference and the awe-inducing technology bound to be revealed as the latest iteration of the PlayStation console (are we still calling it Orbis?) makes its worldwide public debut tonight in New York – just as I go to bed, in fact:  I hardly dare guess how large the NeoGaf threads will be by tomorrow morning…

Expect the motion-sensor DualShock pictured above to feature, some increased online functionality to be embedded in the system, heavily rumoured game streaming tech from Gakkai to solve the backwards compatibility issue which bedevils new games consoles and all manner of widgetry to take advantage of those tablets and smartphones which were but so much vapour when the PS3 made its debut in 2007.

In conclusion?   I am, in the parlance of the young people, like so totes stoked, yeah?

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Is this the next Xbox – or just a very confusing infographic?


Look! Colours and boxes!  Via VG Leaks.com

So, this is what the inside of the next Xbox looks like, apparently.

It’s a deeply interconnected series of coloured boxes with vaguely impenetrable titles, which will somehow allow you to play the next “Gears of War” in eye-wateringly intense super HD vision from the future.  Why, it’s almost as if we’re on the verge of a new generation of games consoles, Valve-approved PCs and similar free time monopolising devices of fun…

I’m no technologist, but I know that 8 GB of RAM and an identical number of CPU Cores promise lots of potential to deliver more immersive games worlds.  Of course, it’s an arguable point as to whether the complexity of the PS3‘s internal architecture was ever satisfyingly grappled with by most of the multi-platform publishers and developers in this generation of machines – if the 360 couldn’t handle it, it does seem that EA and Activision didn’t exactly shoot for the fences with the systems out there.

Ever played “Dragon Age: Origins” on the PS3?  Exactly.

Expect major fireworks to be unleashed come E3 this June – or possibly earlier, if you believe the word on t3h str33tz…

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“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” announced


Well, that’s Autumn sorted for a lot of gamers – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 announced • News • Eurogamer.net.

I’m not one of those players – action RPG nerds who play as Rogue Female Elves for the win! – but I fully expect this latest episode of the annual FPS franchise to dominate sales chart and mind share in the games community for the latter part of this year.  It’s the go-to shooter for many a gamer and remains seemingly unstoppable at the retail counter, predictable annual controversies notwithstanding…

Expect a proper reveal (and trailer) tonight and more hype when E3 rolls around in the summer.


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