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And Eurogamer’s ‘Game Of The Year’ Is…

Whatever happened to the idea that games/movies/albums released earlier in the year where always forgotten about when the end of the year rolled around?

Eurogamer has announced their game of 2011 and it’s the critically adored and refreshingly popular “Portal 2”.

Great – another game that I need to go and play forthwith…



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Portals and Lies

Via the mind of film maker Dan Trachtenberg comes a short film set in Valve’s “Portal” universe which outpoints many uber-budget summer studio flicks and makes me wonder why some kind of bespoke, “KickStarter”-like fund isn’t out there to help DIY film makers to craft crazy-awesome, niche-market, vid-game-inspired fare like this short and make a living doing it.

Oh, the copyright thing, yeah…

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