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This week in HardScreamMetalEmoCore…

Over at Metal Sucks, the debate continues as to whether the new generation of Screamo bands are merely inoffensive noise for teenagers to mosh like brigands to or a very real sign that the End Times are upon us.  In past weeks, they’ve taken aim at Texan teen screamo Bieber-alike scenesters Design The Skyline, and have now found a new band to hate – Skip The Foreplay.

Skip The Foreplay - I'll bet that they do...

Whereas Design The Skyline’s absurd mash-up of metalcore, harsh vocals, arbitrarily changing time signatures and mallcore fashion can be attributed to them being approximately twelve years old and having yet to develop a distinctive style and taste beyond their immediate influences, Metal Sucks’ ire with Skip the Foreplay was seemingly due to them merely existing.

For my part, I was ready to nuke them from orbit when, in the intro to their song “The City (We’re Taking Over)”, the band’s second vocalist boasted about “Taking this to a new level”.  Any band who trots out that hoary old cliché clearly don’t have any intention of doing anything new, different or being on speaking terms with innovation.  Generic, relatively harmless partycore gibberish for half-wits, which doesn’t do enough to even offend and won’t stay in the mind for longer than the three or so minutes that it takes to say nothing much.

And bear in mind that I say this as a fan of Sonic Syndicate.  Yes, quite.

Sheffield's finest purveyors of screamo mentalism, BMTH

In short – Bring Me The Horizon have bog-all to worry about.

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