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Rachel Weisz is Metal.

Readers of this blog with sufficiently intact and functioning memories (or the inclination to search a while) will be doubtless familiar with my unabashed admiration and slight crush on British actress (and new American citizen) Rachel Weisz.

Man, that new Dimmu Borgir is the Shizz!

An admiration now bolstered quite a bit by the astonishing revelation that she’s a metal fan.

Yes, quite.  Describing herself as ‘an old mosher’, this news makes me wonder precisely who her favourite bands would be – given that she’s roughly two years older than me, I have to imagine that she’s a fan of the Big Four era of thrash, perhaps?  Maybe down for some “Appetite”-era G’N’R?  Or is she, Saint Diamond Dave preserve us, partial to a bit of Van Halen, Bon Jovi and Poison-vintage 80’s hard rock?

The mind boggles and the head?  It bangs.  \M/

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Rian Johnson’s “Looper” previews – expect greatness…

Rian Johnson has made two of my favourite movies of recent years – the high-school neo-noir “Brick” and the European caper romance, “The Brothers Bloom”.  In wholly unrelated news, the latter film starred Rachel Weisz in one of her best and most unexpected roles, as an eccentric heiress caught up in nefarious goings-on and finding herself quite good at being bad.

Do not trust this woman with an exotic sports car...

Me, enjoying a film with Rachel Weisz in it?  Will wonders never cease, etc.

A gifted film maker on the rise...

Going back to Rian Johnson, as this post is about him, various blogs and press types were quietly invited to a very early screening of his SF/time travel picture “Looper” on Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

It’s not out until later in 2012, but the early reviews suggest an absolute modern classic-in-waiting, of Nolan-esque proportions.

Time for a trailer perhaps, studio folk?


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“Dream House”, nightmare movie

Well, at least they fell in love and got married.

That would be delightfully deadpan Daniel Craig and (unofficial) official actress of this blog, Rachel Weisz, whose psychological thriller “Dream House” opens this week in the States.

What's going on? Does the trailer really give away the plot of the whole movie? (via Just Jared - no duh)

The reviews seem to suggest that you shouldn’t bother.

I believe that I’m not too keen to see this theatrically – there’s so much out that I want to see that I haven’t got time to watch so this movie doesn’t stand much of a chance, even with La Weisz in play.

No UK release date as yet.




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Rachel Weisz Tuesdays

It's a Terence Davies film. Don't expect uplifting, do expect poignancy aplenty...

Rachel Weisz, favourite actress of this blog, is in a whole bunch of things this autumn.  I’m struggling to keep up, frankly.

We’ve just seen her in “Page Eight”, and Empire magazine reports that she’s book-ending the 55th BFI London Film Festival by starring in opening film “360”, the latest by Fernando Meirelles.  The keen-eyed amongst you might have spotted that they last collaborated on “The Constant Gardener”, which, of course, won Weisz her Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Closing the festival is “The Deep Blue Sea”, Terence Davies’ latest, a tale of self-destructive love and – I’m just guessing here, as this is a Davies film – abject sadness set in 1950’s Britain.

It also stars Tom Hiddleston, whom you might remember from “Thor”, this summer’s Marvel Comics extravaganza, where he played Loki, not so much as a typically hammy villain as more eerily redolent of Peter Mandelson on a super heroic power trip.

Just a guess - this will not end well.

And that’s only the early part of the Autumn.  We’ve also got “The Whistleblower” and “Dream House” to look forward to.  Well, that’s if you want to see “Dream House” – it’s possessed of the most ludicrously, spoiler-filled trailer that I’ve seen in an age.

You genuinely don’t feel that you need to see the film – it would appear that each twist is lovingly and carefully revealed without regard for paying punters who might not want to know the entire freaking story before seeing the flick.

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Rachel Weisz Tuesdays

Yep, still lovely.

You know, if we are to continue along this road of printing a random picture of Rachel Weisz, why not make it somewhat more worthwhile?

To whit – Rachel Weisz Tuesdays (Now incorporating Fluffrick’s ‘Rachel Weisz Movie of the Week’).

This week – “The Brothers Bloom”. Rian Johnson’s follow-up to “Brick” is a much lighter affair, a caper movie about cons, con artists and multiple layers of duplicity, obfuscation and confusion.

It’s a load of fun, certainly as idiosyncratic as “Brick” was, and very much the product of a film maker who has a singular vision which is really worth seeing. Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody star as the titular brothers, grifters who have become estranged and reunite to reel in eccentric heiress, Penelope (the Weisz).

Let’s count it off – great cast, wonderful European locations, whimsy to spare, fantastic score, Ricky Jay narration, cool cameos from previous Rian Johnson collaborators and the Weisz rocking a skateboard.

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Rachel Weisz Wednesdays (any old excuse)

The eyes - they follow you!

Playing shortly at the Toronto International Film Festival, and on the international Film Fest circuit thereafter, is David Hare’s spy drama, “Page Eight”.

I mention this mainly because I will be watching this film on Sunday night, in my living room, thanks to the unique awesome sauce and idiosyncrasy of the BBC, who funded the film and are playing it on BBC 2 this weekend. What larks!

And, for a change, it’s not only the luminescence of La Weisz which recommends this drama, as Bill Nighy stars alongside fellow Potterists Michael Gambon and Ralph Fiennes, Judy Davis and Ewen Bremner.

We’re talking thesped, people. Seriously thesped.

And, as is my tradition, here’s a splendid picture of Rachel looking nifty on the September 2011 issue of the Wall Street Journal’s magazine, traced via the kind bounty of FashionEtc.com

Via FashionEtc.com

Context? What is this thing you call ‘context’?

My thoughts on “Page Eight”, should there be any reason at all that you might care for them, will be with you anon…

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Rachel Weisz Tuesdays

A trailer for Rachel Weisz’s latest, the docudrama “The Whistleblower”. Weisz plays Kathryn Bolkovac, a UN peacekeeper in post-conflict Bosnia, whose revulsion at people-trafficking caused her to make powerful enemies.

Not, then, “The Mummy 4”. I think we’re clearly in compelling, adult, very possibly “Guardian”-reading, ‘torn-from-the-headlines’ territory, with a hint of slight ‘preaching to the choir’. Generally, the people whose attitudes would benefit from exposure to difficult material like this are the people who never get to see it and actively avoid it.

Or, ‘dolts’, as I like to politely refer to them as.

Your Tuesday Moment of Zen...

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