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The Good News Geek


I don’t know if this exactly qualifies as good news per se – for it heralds an ultimately tragic story – but it does confirm “Star Trek Into Darkness” director JJ Abrams as one of Hollywood’s kindler uber-nerds.

JJ Abrams grants terminally ill fan’s wish to see ‘Star Trek’ sequel

It’s small acts of kindness like this – ones which make somebody’s life that bit more enjoyable in the face of terrible illness or sadness – that make this oft-bleak world of ours seem a bit more bearable.

I’m sure that internet hard-men and the Troll set are already preparing their snappy responses to this story and pitching it as part of the P.R. campaign for the movie or some kind of scam, but I think we all know that this isn’t an act quite as cynical as some perma-scowling hipsters would have you believe it to be.

And, after all, isn’t it nice to be nice sometimes?  It’s almost as if Reddit is good for something other than Cat Memes and gross sexism after all…


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The last word(s) on Video Game Violence?

Leave it to Karl Pilkington, erstwhile sidekick of Ricky Gervais and one-man confusionist, to sum up the video games violence question almost perfectly.


Via Reddit.

He is, of course, entirely correct.  Which iteration of “Grand Theft Auto” was Hitler playing in the 1930’s, pray tell,  or was he more of a hardcore “Doom” player?

Where were psychopaths getting their ideas in the 19th century? Did they eagerly turn the pages of the hottest contemporary novels in a hunt for hot new killing techniques or did a parlour game or two provide adequate influence to pep up a subsequent evening of sociopathic endeavour?


I’m happy for video gaming critics to get their way and have the availability of violent media restricted – will this dangerous work of unrestrained blood-lust and marrow-chilling slaughter be falling under their purview too?  No?  What a twist!

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