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Metallic Faith Malarkey


When I’m not learning how to write my name in Elvish, I’m being utterly perplexed by my fellow citizens.

In data extrapolated from the 2011 UK census results, it would appear that 6,242 of Britons declared  Heavy Metal as their religion (for the record, that’s more respondents than self-identified as a Scientologist, Druid or Shaman).

To which one can only remark “Huh?”

I love a bit of Maiden as much as the next middle-aged, dog-walking vegetarian but can’t quite get behind the notion of aligning my musical genre of choice with organised faith – the goals of one seem quite at odds with the professed beliefs of the other, surely?

Obviously this result should probably be taken in the spirit of the kind of lightly subversive, nose-thumbing surrealism that I suspect it to be (note the high ranking of ‘Jedi Knight‘ as a faith of choice in the UK census, even after the quality of the “Star Wars” prequels should have killed aligning oneself to Uncle George’s franchise outright).

So, if I’m reading all of this correctly, the proper conclusion to draw from this census is that agencies of social control (which we normally oppose with all-consuming fervour) are a very bad idea until they provide you with the opportunity to make a snarky response to a survey.



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The last word(s) on Video Game Violence?

Leave it to Karl Pilkington, erstwhile sidekick of Ricky Gervais and one-man confusionist, to sum up the video games violence question almost perfectly.


Via Reddit.

He is, of course, entirely correct.  Which iteration of “Grand Theft Auto” was Hitler playing in the 1930’s, pray tell,  or was he more of a hardcore “Doom” player?

Where were psychopaths getting their ideas in the 19th century? Did they eagerly turn the pages of the hottest contemporary novels in a hunt for hot new killing techniques or did a parlour game or two provide adequate influence to pep up a subsequent evening of sociopathic endeavour?


I’m happy for video gaming critics to get their way and have the availability of violent media restricted – will this dangerous work of unrestrained blood-lust and marrow-chilling slaughter be falling under their purview too?  No?  What a twist!

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