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That “Grand Theft Auto V” teaser is here…

Kotaku have the one minute, 24 second-long teaser trailer for Rockstar’s next controversy magnet – “Grand Theft Auto V”.

As predicted, we’re in Rockstar North’s iterative take on Los Angeles, nefarious doings are afoot and the engine looks quite pretty.

Won't somebody think of the children?

This is the part where I tell you that I’ve never played a “Grand Theft Auto” game and that this is, in fact, the extent of my knowledge of the series.

If you have thoughts on what you’ve just watched, feel free to regale me with them in the comments.



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Max Payne shoots down your front door in March 2012

He's back and his overly-florid inner monologue is PISSED...

Still waiting for some news on Rockstar Games’ PS3 exclusive, “Agent”?  Yeah, me too.  The good news according to VG24/7 is that another Rockstar game is actually being released –  “Max Payne 3 has escaped the internal Rockstar when it’s done” approval process and is finally due out in March 2012.  Here’s a poster to tide you over until that rumoured October gameplay reveal shows it’s hand…

Would sir like blood with his blood?

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