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Rolling Eyeballs: Me Made May ’12 Day1, 2, 3 and 4


Rolling Eyeballs: Me Made May ’12 Day1, 2, 3 and 4.

Over at her blog, Mrs Rolling Eyeballs is taking the Me Made May 2012 challenge – wearing something everyday that she’s made herself or refashioned from existing clothes/material each day for the duration of May.  

Excellent clothes/accessories made in part by my wife – dubious pictures of same by yours truly.

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Goodbye, Hello

Mrs Rolling Eyeballs has posted about Minnie, Hagrid and the events of the last few months.  It’s a rather good read, although I may be somewhat biased when I say that.


Although Hagrid is doing a sterling job to fill some pretty remarkable paws, that doesn’t remove the memories of Minnie, which are still remarkably acute and unexpected – I see the blanket that she used to lie on and half-expect to see her.  

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Do you have Rolling Eyeballs?

Borscht is recommended, people. It's quality eating...

Become a fan of lovely blogging, fine (re)fashions and the generally awesome world of Mrs Rolling Eyeballs at her fantastic blog.  Which, by way of some coincidence, is also called Rolling Eyeballs and is guaranteed to make you attractive, popular and irresistible to small terriers.

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Midweek Meal Madness!

Over at Mrs Rolling Eyeballs’ blog, it’s tea time and you know that you’re hungry.

Potsticker dumplings, prawns, rice and a delicious array of veggies to chow down on.

Go. There. Now.

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