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“Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” announced


Well, that’s Autumn sorted for a lot of gamers – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 announced • News • Eurogamer.net.

I’m not one of those players – action RPG nerds who play as Rogue Female Elves for the win! – but I fully expect this latest episode of the annual FPS franchise to dominate sales chart and mind share in the games community for the latter part of this year.  It’s the go-to shooter for many a gamer and remains seemingly unstoppable at the retail counter, predictable annual controversies notwithstanding…

Expect a proper reveal (and trailer) tonight and more hype when E3 rolls around in the summer.


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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – demoed!

I have to confess that I’ve been a bit remiss on the gaming side of things.  Since finishing “Uncharted 3” in the run up to Christmas, my time has been monopolised by other things.  This is partly by choice, as I decided to throw some of my energies into reading through the growing stack of novels by my bedside before they formed some kind of sentient, gaudy covered Jenga-like tower of my undoing.

I’ll get to that in a post later this week – blame GoodReads.com and the Sword and Laser podcast for getting me hooked on books anew – but I want to touch on a game demo which reeled me in like a conga eel at the weekend.  I’m talking about the latest action/RPG from EA, Big Huge Games and 38 Studios, “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning”.

If you’re currently neck-deep in your “Skyrim” quest lines, I’m not sure that you’ll find a great deal in the “Amalur” demo to drag you away from your Dragonborn adventures but if you’ve skipped “Skyrim” – and, believe it or not, there are people who haven’t set foot in that epic digital realm – it’s entirely possible that this hybrid fantasy adventure might be your particular flagon of Elven Ale.

For one thing, it’s inevitably a more directed experience, at least in the demo portion that I’ve played.   You watch some cut scene action, create a character and go on a extended tuition of combat, mechanics and get some back story thrown in.  It’s not an earth-shattering approach to the genre, but it is nicely assured and seems to be a slightly better job of chucking you into a single-player action fantasy setting than EA’s “Dragon Age 2” did in 2011.

As is so often the case for me, I’ve gone for the female Elf archetype and played through the demo focusing on combat as much as any of the other talents which you can level up.  And the combat, at least in this vertical slice of game, is accessible, fun and makes you feel like you can mix things up to suit your style until you have the measure of the enemies being pitted against you.

Dodge about a bit, hit some poor unfortunate lackey with arrows from a distance, dash back in and lay waste with your short blades – it’s often so tough to get this stuff right in games, but on the evidence of this demo, if “Amalur” gets something dead on, it’s the fighting.  Boding well for the full retail release, I’m saying.

The settings are fun, the meta-game collection aspects are well integrated and the conversation system is accessible to anybody who’s picked up and played “Mass Effect” in this console generation.   That comparison alone may suggest to whether you want to play it or not, but I’m enjoying what I’ve played of this game and might be reorganizing my time to give this game some attention once it comes out on the 10th of February in the UK.

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Awesome, nerdy “Skyrim” shirt of the day…

Finally, an NSA we can all get behind...

Splendidly nerdy and sports-ball aping “Skyrim” t-shirt via Shirtoid.com and Fashionably Geek.

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“Skyrim” – get it whilst it’s cheap!

What's that, nice Gamestation man, you have a deal for us?

I post games deals on the blog when I can find them – you’ll find that the nice people at Frugal Gaming are really good for sniffing out the best prices – so it is with your best interests at heart that I point out that UK chain Gamestation are selling “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” until 14th December for the frankly stupid price of £22.49.

If you’re in the UK, I’d rush down to your local branch and snap up a copy before they run out.

Fortunately, this lovely Terrier doesn't come with the game. But, so cute!


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Thinking about buying “Skyrim”? Don’t buy it on PS3…

No matter how you slice it, the PS3 has had its share of problems in this gaming generation.  The latest of which would appear to be Bethesda’s PS3 version of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”.

Bethesda's PR department took the latest news badly...

Eurogamer‘s Digital Foundry bods have examined problems that people have been having with the game’s save system – when their game saves head north of thirty hours, this kind of thing begins to happen.  Not good, is it?

As “Skyrim” has a marketing campaign which prominently notes the depth of content and game that you get for your money, that’s going to be something of a problem…

In any other industry you suspect that customers would be able to return their games to the store as they don’t appear to work properly.  I know that gaming is a business where things move quickly (not on the evidence of that Digital Foundry video.  Oh, I went there…) but this kind of nonsense shouldn’t be stood for.

It’s not like “Skyrim” was turned around in five months to meet a movie release tie-in date.  At the bare minimum, the game should work – Bethesda’s games are noted for their bugs, but this lag is not dragons flying backwards or bits of scenery disappearing.   When the game starts to resemble still images with the occasional moment of animation, it’s time to get your patching trousers on and handle these problems properly.

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The new hotness of “Mass Effect 3”

Over at Eurogamer, BioWare developer Jesse Houston draws a line under last week’s inadvertent “Mass Effect 3” leaks by sharing some more details about the upcoming RPG/Shooter/2012 behemoth-in-waiting.

Play as new alien characters or just bulldoze folks, Krogan-style.

There’s a lot to go into to and I wouldn’t presume to prioritize what’s important to you if you’re looking forward to the game – but co-op is discussed at some length…


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“Portal” is free…

I'm making a note here/Huge Success...

I saw this via the Hot UK Deals forum but Eurogamer have a story on it also – ace PC Sci-Fi puzzler, “Portal” is free on Steam until 20th September.  If you have a Steam client installed on your PC, fire it up and go to the link to get it free…

In which sabres are lighted and wookies and jedis sometimes love each other very much...

Not free, but flipping cheap this weekend – a bunch of cheaper “Star Wars” PC games to celebrate the Blu-Ray release of George Lucas’ pension plan.  “Knights of the Old Republic”  for £3.49 – that is a steal.

Hey, it's that bloke from "Mad Men" - only all digital...

There’s also a nifty deal on “LA Noire” – the Hot UK Deals link will get you the game new on 360 or PS3 for £19.99 from Gamestation (Game are apparently also doing the same deal).

Ludicrous deal of the week – if you’ve already beaten “Dead Island”, HMV are offering “Gears of War 3” for £1.99 if you trade in “Dead Island” before September 25th.  This is in-store and I believe that some stores also give you some extra credit if you have HMV’s ‘Re/Play’ app installed on your smartphone and present it when trading in your game.

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“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” – video walkthrough

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - expect a mass outbreak of Man Flu in IT departments worldwide on November 11 2011...

Another one of the major players in the Autumn Games Apocalypse (TM) is tipping its hand – “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is viewable in video walk-through form via Shacknews.com.


This is the demo that had grown men foaming at the mouth, during E3 in July, keenly anticipating the prospect of sinking hundreds of hours of their lives into the latest instalment in Bethesda’s Role Playing Game series.

As someone who dares not buy “Fallout 3”, “Fallout: New Vegas” or “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” for fear of becoming just such a refugee from real life, I’ll be skipping “Skyrim” but looking forward to seeing more videos like this….

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New Video – Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Too near "Mass Effect 3"...too near "Mass Effect 3"...too near "Mass Effect 3"...

Big Huge Games and 38 Studios RPG, “Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning” is out in February 2012 and Joystiq has a 22 minute walk through video to share with us on this fine Friday.

Customisation is highlighted early on, the fantasy settings are as pleasingly classic you might expect (Hark! A woodland dell!  And gloomy subterranean dungeons!) but the tweaks and idiosyncrasy (somebody’s been playing “Assassin’s Creed”) in some the game play aspects on display have me cautiously optimistic but resolutely ready to pounce on this game firing my +8 arrows of icy snark the minute that I see a crappy internet video.

Yep, still a nerd.

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