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“The Avengers” trailer.

"The Avengers" trailer is here...and it's awesome.

Happy Tuesday, Geek/Nerd Nation.  The rumours were true and we have a lovely HD trailer for Joss Whedon’s forthcoming “Avengers” movie to enjoy.

Explosions? Oh yes.  Ms Johansson looking unflappable amidst a symphony of chaos and/or mayhem? Check. Robert Downey Jnr getting all the best damn lines?   You know it.

I’m a Whedon devotee, so I should recuse myself from comment but suffice is to say that this Marvel movie looks like an unending banquet of awesome sauce, served with wafers of fried gold and a complementary bottle of whup ass.

Nice Nine Inch Nails song, too.

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“The Avengers” – more new pics online.

Scarlett Johansson's anti-paparazzo measures surprised some...

Perhaps in a bid to avert some of the negative responses to “The Avengers” portraits in last week’s issue of “Entertainment Weekly”– particularly Mark Ruffalo’s spectacular ‘Blue Steel’ lookMarvel have released some new pictures which are not quite as silly as last week’s tranche.  Not so much with the goofy posed portraits, more with the on-set stills.  And explosions.

Empire has a story, as does ComingSoon.net.

“The Avengers” is scheduled to open in the UK on Friday 27 April 2012.

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