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What Joss Did Next…

"Much Ado"

So, how do you follow-up last year’s barely seen, low-budget success d’estime, “The Avengers”?  It came and went from theatres in about a week, hardly made a dent at the box office.   I don’t blame you for never having heard of it.


Luckily, somebody’s decided to let Joss Whedon out of movie jail and given him the chance to make amends for bombing so badly last time out by making something with sure-fire commercial potential – a can’t-miss, four-quadrant, summer blockbuster of a flick.

He’s only gone and made a Shakespeare adaptation!  Why, you’d almost think that he’d just made a billion dollar superhero smash and thus had carte blanche to follow his muse, call in some mates and make the Bard relevant to Generation Twitter.  Such absurdity!  It’s almost as if you have to direct a successful movie version of “Much Ado…” in order to be allowed the keys to the House of Ideas movie toy box…


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Joss Whedon’s William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”

You go to bed for a couple of hours, wake up and discover that Joss Whedon’s only managed to deliver a Shakespearian adaptation which he directed in secret.  Oh, and it’s my birthday, too.  Who’d have thunk?

Joss Whedon. Renaissance man, wrangler of Avengers.

Well, I assume that “Much Ado About Nothing” is from the Shakespeare play – it wouldn’t be out of character for Joss to go all meta on us and deliver something with the same name which has no relation to Shakespeare’s tale of young love and connivance.

Full disclosure – it’s my favourite Shakespeare play and Whedon’s one of my favourite living artists.  I think he’s a genius. So bias should be expected.

The website that you need to go to for not many clues at all is MuchAdoTheMovie.com – hey, that’s Fran Krantz! – and check out that cast list.  Fillion! Acker! Denisof!  And some people who don’t appear to have worked with Whedon on a regular basis!


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