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Freddie W – YouTube’s FPS king

Pretty colours looks like ectoplasmz...

I love Freddie W’s YouTube videos.  He and his team make fantastic, frequently game-themed videos which show you just what semi-pro film-makers can do with some readily accessible software, cameras and a lot of talent.

Take a look at his newest, “Battlefield 4 trailer” video, for example.  Or his “Gamers commute” clip.  He’s a real talent and part of the reason that I watch more on-line content these days than traditional telly.

But he’s not alone – I found this “Doctor Who”themed video on Topless Robot this morning which amply illustrates why the Sonic Screwdriver’s multifarious abilities would well and truly break the quasi-realism of most action movies (a slight content warning – if mild gore is not your thing, you might want to avoid the video as it features a somewhat graphic, John Woo-style head shot).

This might help you in a gunfight, but wouldn't the Doctor want to avoid that kind of thing in the first place?

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