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Sonisphere 2012 cancelled…

What was I just saying about rock being dead?

Great bill - wrong time?

The UK leg of the Sonisphere music festival has been cancelled.

Not a sentence that I was expecting to read today, but the financial climate is such that I imagine many fans of heavy music took one look at this year’s Download bill and thought that their cash was going Donington way.

Either that, or the lure of Tr00 Kvlt Metal at Bloodstock is too hard to resist for many a metalhead…

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Sonisphere announcement tonight at 8pm

If you head over to Metal Hammer’s website tonight at around 8:00pm, you’ll apparently get to see what line-up the organisers have put together to draw attention away from Download’s already unfeasibly interesting bill (which got better on Friday with six more bands joining Andy Copping’s merry metal fest – including Nightwish, apparently just to spite me and my festival aversion).


(Pic by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

As the image suggests, the hot gossip has it that Queen will headline a night, as will Faith No More.  Van Halen are also touted, but I would believe Ed, Dave, Alex and Wolfgang making the trip to Europe when I saw it happening live in front of me.

Iron Maiden would have been in with a shout but their Summer US arena tour presumably makes that less likely – apparently Cypress Hill have pre-emptively outed themselves as playing.

An emboldened commenter on the Hammer site gave a shout for the possibility of AC/DC also headlining a night – we’ll certainly have a better picture of things later this evening…

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