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PS Vita debuts in Japan.

Image via Kotaku.com

Whilst the rest of us are wondering about whether to buy a copy of “Zumba Fitness” for the Wii or, you know, just stop being lard asses and go outside for a walk once in a while, our Japanese compadres are heading out to pick up Sony’s latest handheld console, the PS Vita.

Kotaku have launch coverage – which you can find here.

It all looks very nice, reassuringly expensive (have you seen the price of Sony Memory cards?  Oh, what japes.) and it’s almost certainly not going to be a niche product beloved of the gaming hardcore.  It’s not as if anybody with the kind of money that a Vita would go for would probably rather drop it on an Apple product, or anything.  Oh, heck to the no.  It releases in Europe from February and I’ll be doing my level best not to sell my blood in order to finance the purchase of one.

You can get your greedy mitts on one prior to release at Sony’s preview events, which with glorious predictability don’t appear to be paying a visit to Sheffield.    Well, you don’t want any smelly Northerners getting their hands on it, do you?

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