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“Star Trek 2” pictures show…stuff.

I know that folks can be a mite sensitive about spoilers when it comes to the next “Star Trek” film from curly-haired, black eyeglass-framed visionary J.J. Abrams.

Chances are that they don’t want to know about the nature of Benedict Cumberbatch’s role, whether Zachary Quinto is still an Emo bad ass or how many alien ladies Chris Pine is going to squire this time around.

So those guys are going to be as ticked off as Abrams was at the weekend when some sneaky pictures leaked from the set of the second “Star Trek” film – I’m going to link to them but I’ll spare your spoiler-radar from going haywire by including the most innocuous one.

But what does it all mean? She's leaning, there's some pieces of set there - such an enigma!

Yep, it’s the one of Zoe Saldana’s Uhura getting to wield a phaser, in the daylight, on some kind of space craft.  If you want to see Messrs Cumberbatch and Quinto having words, click-through to Den of Geek’s story.

Needless to say, the second Abrams “Trek” movie is one of my most eagerly anticipated films of 2013 and any degree of rampant spoilers won’t stop me from going to see this film on opening weekend.  Probably in the company of Mrs Rolling Eyeballs and our good friend, Eva’s Mum – who wasn’t a “Trek” fan before seeing the film but certainly was afterwards (she’s a big Abrams /“Lost” and “Alias” fan).

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“Star Trek” casts Sherlock, Mickey Smith.

That J. J. Abrams – he’s got an eye for talent.

Not content with casting Simon Pegg in the first film, the Bad Robot uber-geek has set my heart a flutter by casting Benedict Cumberbatch and Noel Clarke in the upcoming second instalment of the rebooted classic sci-fi franchise.

N.C. - Like a boss...

He's a dish, isn't he?

Early rumours/demented fan squeeing suggests Cumberbatch will be very definitely alien, with “Trek” having a strong tradition of casting Brits as Klingons.

As for renaissance dude Clarke, he’s playing a family man.  Thanks for that nugget, Paramount folks – really gives us bloggists something to write about.

Production starts next week for a summer 2013 release.  In related news, I will be slowly vibrating with excitement and nerdy anticipation from roughly the same time.

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“Star Trek 2” is 3D. Sort of.

Have geek, will boldly travel.

In a move calculated to tick off the 3D evangelists of the world, nerd warlock J J Abrams has announced that his sequel to “Star Trek” will shoot in 2D and be post-converted to the 3D format.  And possibly IMAX, too.  Maybe even Super-8?

I admire Abrams for sticking to his guns and shooting in the format which he feels most comfortable with but I do find it disturbing that studios are now so devoted to the idea of having a 3D version of a blockbuster that they’re quite happy to have the original film retro-fitted in post production to have another box copy element to tick off.

Either make it stereoscopic or don’t – the halfway-house model of converting a film after the fact very rarely ends up doing anything other than piss off the devotees and annoys the less passionate section of the audience who just want to see a film and end up having to pay more for the privilege, wearing a crappy pair of knock-off Raybans into the bargain.

I’m all for 3D when it’s done well – “Avatar“, “Resident Evil-Afterlife” – so I’m not dead set against the format.  What I am dead set against is taking something and mis-shaping it so that it fits into a marketing strategy.

The idea that Abrams wants to post-covert to 3D and IMAX, citing the example of “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows” as a good use of the process fills me dread as that film was a complete and utter train-wreck in IMAX 3D.  Badly ghosted images, out of focus and wholly destroyed compositions, a lifelessly dull, bleached-out picture which obscured details – this is not what you pay a price premium for and if the evidence of “Deathly Hallows Part 2” in IMAX tells me anything it is that I will never again step through the door of any cinema which offers this kind of craven money grab and tries to pretend that they’re offering a premium experience.

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“Star Trek 2” loses Del Toro

Looking forward to seeing Benicio Del Toro play Khan in “Star Trek 2”?  

Nope, not Khan. Not even a little bit.

Yeah…that’s not going to be happening, it turns out.  Bummer.

Were he not otherwise engaged with playing the heavy in the new Bond movie “Skyfall”, I would suggest that Javier Bardem might make a fun substitute, but  it seems that director J.J. Abrams will have to look elsewhere for a new “Star Trek” antagonist.

Rumour insists that Khan is the big bad in this instalment of the sci-fi series – a belief partially supported by the consistent denial of said character’s place in the story by anybody connected with the film.  If you deny anything enough, of course, the internet hive mind tends to believe that such vociferous refusals are tantamount to confirmation.

I’m not sure that we need to reintroduce such staples of classic “Trek” into this rebooted incarnation of Gene Roddenberry’s universe – isn’t part of the point of this version that it isn’t beholden to the past.  You can’t ignore it entirely but wouldn’t it be better to use it as a jumping-off point and to invent new mythology?

Just saying.


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“Star Trek 2” gets release date

JJ Abrams. Not pictured, lots of lovely lens flare

May 17th, 2013 – that’s your release date for J. J. Abrams’ second bold voyage with the all youthful and oddly sexed-up crew of the Starship Enterprise.

As inevitable as a new Kardashian reality show on the E! Network, the second “Star Trek” film will apparently be shot in native 3D which bodes well for those fans of the first film who wanted to get up close and personal with Zachary Quinto’s Spock ears.

Abrams shaky-cam plus  his love of omni-present lens flare divided by 3D equals not sure if wants?

Who am I kidding – any news of a second “Star Trek” film from this crew is fine by me.

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“Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Fenster”

Khan! Or possibly not...

Casting is gearing up for the next J.J. Abrams’ “Star Trek” – by offering him the role of main villain in the second installment of his rebooted movie series.

Speculation, of course, logically follows that he might be playing Khan if the series follows the pattern of Paramount’s original movies with the classic “Trek” cast, but that remains to be seen.

Having asked Mrs Rolling Eyeballs if this casting is a good idea – she’s a big “Trek” fan like I’m quite a big “30 Rock” fan – she’s sure that it is and that he’ll be a good bad guy (Eric Bana was fine in the first Abrams “Star Trek”, but he wasn’t really what you would call a bad fella – more a misguided, grief-afflicted guy driven mad and blaming all of the wrong people for the fate of those near and dear to him).

A small request to Abrams and his Bad Robot team – can we have 100% less annoyingly anachronistic usage of Beastie Boys songs to denote rebellion (to an intended audience who don’t remember the Beastie Boys) in the sequel?  Nice one.


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