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Assimilate this!

I read this story over at The Mary Sue today and did a momentary “WTF?” after finishing it – former NASA scientist disses “Star Trek”.


Bear in mind that I’m not the biggest Trekker in the world – when I was younger, classic “Trek” was something that I endured rather than enjoyed, and felt rather slow and staid next to the glitzier, more elaborate cinematic fantasies of the post-Lucas/Star Wars era.  I was too young to fully appreciate the pioneering role that it played and the influence that it had on a generation of nerds, which is why I like to take time to sit down with my wife and catch up on it now, as she’s always had the good sense to be a Trekker of the highest order.

I can understand why some members of the scientific community might hate on popular culture (or aspects of it) for making their job harder and for diminishing the hard work and graft which goes into achieving scientific success – but it also makes the idea of space travel, of investing in technologies which might make our world better, of valuing the importance of ideas over superstition more accessible to an audience whose scientific knowledge started and stopped with their school career.

I’m all for the odd bit of hard science to balance out the laser swords and wise cracking androids but to blame “Star Trek” and pop-sci for diminishing science is more than a bit churlish, I think.  Shouldn’t we be pouring our scorn on things which genuinely deserve it? There’s a million more offensive science denying halfwits in positions of public influence who should be picked on and remonstrated with before you go about blaming a show/franchise which probably persuaded more than a few wide-eyed junior nerds that science was a discipline that they wanted to give their lives to.

“Star Trek” is most definitely not the problem here.



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The Most Awesome Thing I’ve Seen All Day…

Clearly, the good people at comics company IDW are attempting to throw Mrs Rolling Eyeballs into a state of pure nerd joy.

Let the squeeing commence:

Via Bleeding Cool.com

Yep, that’s the Doctor, The Boy Who Waited and Come Along Pond on the Enterprise’s bridge in IDW’s “Star Trek: TNG”/”Doctor Who” crossover, which is due to be published in May.

Cross-overs in genre can be a dicey business, satisfying fans of neither franchise and irritating some fans who don’t care for characters that they have no interest in taking over the book that they love.   In this case, IDW need not worry, as my lovely delightful one adores pretty much every incarnation of “Trek” – even “Enterprise”and “Doctor Who” equally (she’s a Peter Davison fan, FYI), so this is pretty much her brand of geeky catnip.

Time for a visit to the local comics shop later this Spring, wouldn’t you say?

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