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Netflix launches in UK – don’t all rush at once…

Not a big deal to anybody reading this in the US, where Netflix is very well established, but the much-rumoured UK launch of the streaming video service is now with us and offers exactly that – an exclusively streaming iteration version of the online movie service.  As of this time of writing, I couldn’t see a version of the package which offers physical media to rent by post, which is in line with the US offering, which seems to be veering away from offering DVD and  Blu-Ray discs in the mail.

UK market leader LoveFilm has responded to this upstart service by freezing the price of their unlimited streaming service – it should now cost you £4.99 a month to stream movies with them, subject to the usual provisos of fair use and catalogue choices (there’s not a whole heck of a lot on either service that I’d actually want to watch online, to be absolutely candid).

Only nine days into 2012 and the online streaming battle for the hearts and minds of Britain’s technologically inclined geeks is ON.

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