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Perspective? Common Sense? Not here, folks.

Just when you thought that post-Aurora shooting over-sensitivity couldn’t get any worse, comes the news that Summit, the studio behind the “Step Up” series of sugar-sweet, street dance films were seriously considering delaying this Friday’s release of the fourth instalment, “Step Up: Revolution”.

Yep, that’s what terrorists look like these days – beware the smiling kids in their Hollister garb!

Their reason?  A sequence in the flick features dancers wearing gas masks invading a swanky party and threatening guests with gas grenades, per a delightfully hysterical story on Deadline Hollywood today, and the studio met on Wednesday to discuss their options with reference to delaying the release or dropping the scene entirely.

That’s a film opening on Friday this week, remember.  Check out the trailer here at YouTube.

Yep, that’s a film bound to strike associative trauma into the hearts of anybody who goes to see it.  Or, perhaps, it’s a silly and energetic musical which is the modern-day equivalent of the ‘Let’s Do The Show Right Here!’ feel-good efforts which used to star Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland back in the day.  Not a call to arms for anybody other than kids who watch Glee or want to try out for their local amateur dramatic society.

Are we going to be banning hip-hop inspired street dance in public, now, lest rogue mobs of popping-and-locking teens terrify soccer moms into discharging their concealed Glocks into all and sundry, or should we get some frigging clue about what the real problem actually is?

Or would that just be unconscionably eccentric?

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