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UK government to end dual rating system for games.


In what seems to be an outbreak of common sense, the British government has elected to do away with the two tier rating system for video games and just go with the Europe-wide PEGI system (cue some otherwise ignored Tory back-bencher trying to get some media traction by claiming this leaves us at the whims of the EU and all manner of depravity being forced upon our kids).

Previously some titles fell under the auspices of the British Board of Film Classification which led to multiple ratings on games boxes – and that won’t do, as having to read two boxes which tell you that the game you’re buying is for adults is only going to cut into time that many parents reserve for allowing their offspring to do whatever they want without fear of admonishment or, you know, actual parenting.

So, when clueless Mum and Dad go to Tesco and buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 2″ for little Darren this November, they’ll have one less graphic on the box to remind them that they’re ineffectual halfwits and can spend that extra half-second of reading time on ignoring health warnings on their ready meals and supermarket special boxes of Lager.

Still, it might shut up professional irritant, charisma vacuum and British MP Keith Vaz¬†for ten seconds, so we can at least be grateful for that…

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That’s why I don’t shop at Tesco…


Tesco shoppers huffed by man dying in aisle | BitterWallet.

We all lead busy lives and want to get through the business of grocery shopping as soon as we can – does that mean that we have to forget common decency when confronted by somebody taken ill (who later died) in our supermarket of choice?

Evidently, Tesco shoppers don’t have the time to deal with such inconveniences and have reminded me just why I never set foot inside Britain’s most popular supermarket chain – as if the omnipresence of their stores wasn’t bad enough, it appears that some of their customers are the kind of people who would step over your prone body if you collapsed.


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