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“John Carter” reviews posted – what will you be seeing next weekend?


Den of Geek has a review of Disney and Andrew Stanton’s sci-fantasy adventure, “John Carter” and have confirmed to me that it deserves my support at the box office next weekend.

As you’ll see if you click on the link to the film’s trailer, Disney are going all out in the week before release to counter some of negative early buzz and emphasise the action-adventure moments in the film, which you can hardly blame them for doing – this is the first salvo in what they must hope will become a series of movies and I’d be trying to hit as many eyeballs with as many arresting images as possible were I in their size 11 Cole Haan wingtips.

If you fancy some more advanced chitter-chatter, there’s an interesting interview over at The Guardian where Andrew Stanton talks about the process of moving into live action, his love for the Edgar Rice Burroughs books and what you chat about when Steven Spielberg asks for a meeting with you.


There’s a more guarded review up at Total Film, but even that isn’t enough to put me off – what say you, fellow nerd travellers?

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