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Ben Stiller to star in “Rentaghost” movie?

Sometimes the stories just write themselves.

Per a story at Deadline today, Ben Stiller is teaming up with the writers of his successful “Night at the Museum” film series to craft a modern re-telling of the classic (if slightly rubbish) BBC kids show, “Rentaghost”.

Where's my flipping "Mr Benn" movie, studio types?

It’s one of several films on Ben Stiller’s full schedule – a Jon Favreau comedy “Neighbourhood Watch” and a “Zoolander” sequel amongst others – but you can see how this rather creaky and charming old kids show could be brought right up to date. ┬áBut spiffy CG effects would rather miss the point – if the Horse in “Rentaghost” isn’t very obviously a pantomime horse with two sweaty background artists toiling away inside, something’s gone rather wrong.

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