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From VFX to No FX? The near-death and resurrection of Digital Domain…


Formerly an industry leader, now just about hanging on – Digital Domain, James Cameron‘s VFX house this week staved off bankruptcy…

It’s something of a conundrum – visual effects work is the life-blood of summer blockbusters, tv shows, music videos and commercials, but the business behind it is utterly cut-throat and increasingly parlous – witness this week’s near-bankrupt Digital Domain.

Once the brainchild of Billion Dollar King of the World, James Cameron, and the late, lamented Stan Winston, the latter-day Digital Domain expanded from its core effects business to producing  a now on-hold animated feature, “The Legend of Tembo”  and just this week avoided going to the wall entirely – and it’s by no means alone.

Chances are that you’ve seen D.D.s  contributions to Cameron’s Titanic, , the J.J. Abrams “Star Trek”, the “Transformers” series, Fincher‘s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button & The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo or “Thor”.

An excellent story by Bill Desowitz, over at the always illuminating Thompson on Hollywood, relates just how tough it is to keep your head above water in the business of painting digital dreams…



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China to “Titanic 3D” viewers – look, but don’t touch. On second thought, don’t look.


Just check the date for me – it’s not the 1st of April, is it?

Offbeat China (via the EW magazine ‘PopWatch’ blog) reports that Chinese officials, ever vigilant for potential affronts to moral rectitude and charged with upholding national strength in the face of Western corruption have decided to make a few trims to the “Titanic3D re-release.

How do we put this?  Kate’s Winslets are no longer present within the release print in China – the fairly tame and chaste nudity in the life-drawing scene has been excised to prevent audience members from reaching out and responding publicly to the movie’s 3D make-over.

Does this kind of thing work both ways, I wonder.  If any of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 80s action flicks are going to get a 3D spit-and-polish, does this mean that his impressive pectorals will be edited out to stop similar public examples of virtual groping?  And, more to the point, has this kind of insanity happened in a cinema near you?

I’m pretty sure that the pressing problem with 3D is watching a long movie and not having your brain revolt and try to escape your cranium during the second hour of the film, so the idea that audiences are so utterly swept up in the wonder of three-dimensional film that they reach out and try to grab the screen smacks to me of our old friend censorship getting a techno make-over.

Not that something that odious would happen, right?

I’m due to take in this 3D re-revisit to Titanic on Saturday, so I’ll be able to report back on the degree to which I am overwhelmingly corrupted by Kate W’s assets in towering 3D – personally, I suspect that Billy Zane’s rug is going to be a far more terrifying sight…


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Jenna-Louise Coleman gets key to the TARDIS


Oh, that Moffat.

Leave it to him to wrong-foot fans and professional observers alike by casting British actress Jenna-Louise Coleman as Matt Smith’s new TARDIS flatmate and not the much gossiped-about Sophia Myles.

She’s familiar to fans of British soap “Emmerdale”, had a brief gig on “Boston Legal” and showed up again on UK school drama “Waterloo Road”.  She’ll be seen next in the Julian Fellowes-penned “Titanic” TV drama which begins to air in the UK this weekend.


You can see an interview with her at YouTube here and expect to see her first time running down corridors in the company of a lanky gent this Christmas in the annual “Who” special.


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