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Relic dev reflects on “Space Marine” reviews

Over at Joystiq, “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” producer Andy Lang ponders the mixed reception for developer Relic’s first entry into the console action game market and hints at what might be down the line in a Eurogamer interview.

If you’ve read this blog in recent weeks, you will be no doubt all too aware that I really loved the game and can’t wait to see to more entries in the franchise (subliminal message – make a ‘Space Wolves‘ game, Relic. A ‘Space Wolves’ game is what you want to make).

In which diplomacy fails quite dramatically and things go 'Boom!'

In related news, THQ’s “Warhammer 40K” MMO game, “Dark Millennium” now has a release date according to Joystiq – March 13, 2013.


Well, that gives you enough time to save your pennies, at least.

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Women in the “40K” universe – when did this happen? Why wasn’t I informed?

Via the magic of Google Fu comes a blog-post book review of a “Warhammer 40K” series that I wasn’t aware of until now – featuring a central female protagonist.

There's no gender divide on stomping down heretics, last that I heard...

I know, I know – What the actual Frak?

Arthur B over at Ferretbrain has more on Matthew Farrer’s ‘Enforcer’ trilogy.

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The Amazon tablet – out in November?

Slashgear have a story on one of the Autumn’s more geeky and eagerly awaited tech products – the Amazon tablet.

The upshot of which is that Amazon are holding an Apple-style press conference next week and not telling us yet just what they’re announcing.  So that means the much-rumoured Tablet is real and we’ll all get to see it for the first time next Wednesday. Probably.

via MacRumors.com

See.  It’s a thing.  A heavily re-purposed Android tablet, with Amazon branding and services integrated.  Sold at a loss to get to some of the punters who’d love an iPad but can’t afford (or don’t want to pay) the Apple Tax.  I guess that I’m in that latter group – I’d be happy to use a device purely for media, but I’m aware that it’s an absurd, first world luxury item and one that I don’t really need.  Would like to have, perhaps, but I don’t need it – the distinction there is key and is one that I don’t think a lot of people make.

As a bona-fide Amazon fan I confess to being eager to see what they come up with on Wednesday – I haven’t yet bought a Kindle as I still quite like the feel of a paperback and the physical media display impulse is strong within me (an arguable disorder not made any easier by the Black Library’s tendency to have neat illustrations on the spine of their paperbacks, each of which has a different chapter of Space Marines on it).

For example:

And, lo - did the Nerd Overlords at the Black Library figure out new ways to divest me of cash...

Physical Media still gets the job done in some respects – you can’t beat a good book jacket or a nice typeface. I can’t see myself making the jump to eBooks until the publishers figure out some way to provide ancillary benefits to the collector which induce them to collect in a digital format.

So, to sum up – Amazon are doing something or other on Wednesday and I’m a massive nerd.  I think that’s everything…


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“Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” – meet the composers

Gamespot in the US has a cool interview with Cris Velasco and Sascha Dikiciyan, the composers of the score for Relic/THQ’s “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” game, which includes some streaming tracks for you to listen to.

Eat plasma death, Ork-based ne'er-do-well!

“Titus’ Theme” is the stand-out from this selection but the game’s score is a superb piece of work – I hear that it gets a release outside of the Collector’s Edition later in September.  Which will be nice, as I bought the regular edition of the game.

Making music to slay Orks to...

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Your UK games chart for September 12th, 2011

Zombies beat Space Marines – news at eleven.

That's it, I'm bloody calling ABTA...

Per the story over at Eurogamer today, the first weekend of the Autumn Games Apocalypse (TM) saw big-hitter titles like “Dead Island”, “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” and “Resistance 3” battling for domination at the top of the UK All Formats Games Chart.

And, as intimated above, Techland/Deep Silver’s controversial Zombie-slashing RPG “Dead Island” made it a one-two for new IP as Relic/THQ’s “Warhammer 40K: Space Marine” entered the all-format charts at the top spot and second place, respectively.   Sony’s “Resistance 3” reasserted the popularity of the series and platform by scoring a fourth place debut – last week’s number one, the multi-format Ubisoft “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” slipped to third.

Played One, Skipped Two - time to catch-up with part Three?

In related news, Game are now stocking new release Blu-Ray movies  as well as the gaming titles that their name suggests – you can pick-up your copy of the new “Star Wars” blu-ray from their locations alongside your copy of “Gears of War 3”.  HMV selling more iPods than CD’s, Game selling BDs – whatever next?


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Game Faces!

For the Emperor!

Well, that’s my weekend sorted, folks.  A quick trip out to Sheffield’s Meadowhall shopping mall this morning netted me a copy of “Space Marine” on 360, with a free copy of “White Dwarf” magazine chucked in by the good people at Gamestation.  Good people who promoting this week’s release of “Dead Island” by being dressed up in zombie finery.

...or the monthly Games Workshop catalogue, as detractors would have it known.

People in retail work damn hard, folks – if you have occasion to deal with somebody dressed as a member of the recently undead this weekend, be nice to them.  They have feelings too.  Or they did, when they were alive.

It’s going to be “Space Marine”, 40K books and sitting with my feet up this weekend until “Doctor Who” tonight. Whatever gifts nerdery are giving you this weekend, may they pay off for you bountifully.


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Want to buy “Space Marine” in the UK from Steam? Yeah, about that…

Preventing UK PC gamers from buying titles via Steam?

Eurogamer are running a story about UK video games retailer Game which really pits my cherries.

Game previously went on the offensive against the growing array of online PC games services which allow consumers to digitally download titles direct to their terrifying, power-guzzling, £4,000 gaming rigs of death – this is a very bad thing in Game’s eyes.

It stops punters from trudging down to the UK high street on a Friday and paying more than the recommended price for a boxed copy of a game that most users will install once and then never use again.  Direct download also prevents shop staff from pushing pre-orders on you at the till and asking you if you have any games that you’d like to trade in.  Direct download bad – bricks and mortar good.

Game’s ire with this digital era now appears to have prevented THQ from releasing “Space Marine” via the UK wing of Steam in line with the boxed copies in stores and the 360/PS3 SKU’s which are in stores this weekend.

Can anybody explain to me how it’s good for consumers to have retailers tell us where and when we can buy products?   Because that seems like anti-competitive, consumer-disadvantaging corporate shizz to me.

But hey – I’m only one guy.  I’m sure that Game have great reasons for the policy which they may or may not be pursuing in regard to the inevitable digital future.

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