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“Thunderbirds” are go (in 2015)!

I'm guessing they might change a few things for a modern audience...

I’m guessing they might change a few things for a modern audience…

Well, this is good news – Weta Workshop and the UK’s CITV are apparently teaming up to make a new “Thunderbirds” tv series.

Expect it to air in around two years time, with a ‘unique blend of CGI animation and live action model sets’ bringing the classic SuperMarionation heroes and heroines back to live for a generation raised on the kind of game-changing effects which Weta seem to produce as standard.

Sparing details are available here at the ITV news site…

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A Plucky Dwarf writes…

I’m The Tallest Dwarf In Middle Earth!

In a stunning development matched nowhere else in recorded history, Warner Brothers have really begun to push the Gollum piloted boat out for their December Tolkien release, “The Hobbit“.

Hence the screen grab above – a neat little game which allows you to blatantly rig answers and cheat your way to your favourite Middle Earth character answer fun quiz questions and arrive at a nifty downloadable/Tweetable/BookFace-type digital thing to share with your fellow nerds.

You can book your tickets for Peter Jackson’s latest slice of Hobbit based awesome now, which is nice.  And if you’re sufficiently tech-obsessed and live near a big IMAX screen, you can check out whether they’ll be showing “The Hobbitin super-48FPS-3D-space-vision.

Oh yes, waiting until December 14th is going to be so easy…



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