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“WoW” movie gets “Moon” director

Could it be true – is Hollywood starting to get the whole ‘hire a good director = half-decent film’ idea finally?

I wish my beard looked as cool as that...

I wish my beard looked as cool as that…

Duncan Jones, director of the superb “Moon” and “Source Code” has signed on to direct the long-stewing adaptation of Blizzard’s MMO powerhouse, “World of Warcraft” (why, you don’t suppose that the runaway success of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” had anything to do with this surprising development, do you?) and that’s clearly brilliant news.

He’s played WoW and is a self-described gamer (fan of the property, formerly in a Brit-based Call of Duty clan) which indicates that he might just have an idea of how best to marry the disparate worlds of live action film making and the wibbly-wobbly, digital realm and not just default to knocking together some sub-Tolkein tropes and letting the CG guys do the real heavy lifting.    Make no mistake – it’s perfectly possible to make a good movie from video game material and I suspect that someone who knows the culture might be in a better place to helm an adaptation than some dude hopping up from commercials and music vids to his first feature gig.

Nerds - stand up and be counted! Who doesn't love a bit of raiding?

Nerds – stand up and be counted! Who doesn’t love a bit of raiding?

IMDB lists an Ian Fleming biopic on Jones’ to-do list, but producers are apparently keen to get this rollercoaster on the tracks this autumn for a bow sometime in 2015 – strike while the +10 to Melee Damage Iron Sword of Sundering is hot, and all that.  Is it too much to hope for for a Leeroy Jenkins shout-out?

You’ll be unsurprised that Gabe and Tycho have some good advice on what not to do with this movie…


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Pandas run amok in “WoW”. New “Starcraft II” add-on. It must be Blizzcon…

Blizzcon is on and with it come a whole bunch of announcements – Kotaku has all of the news, videos and enticing guff that you might need.


Big helm? Power armour? RTS? Why am I not playing this yet?

Highlights? There’s a fine-looking video for “Heart of the Swarm”, the first additional content for “StarCraft 2” – which is so very pretty that it is hastening my resolve to build a PC which wouldn’t fall over and die in shock at the game’s specs.

There’s the next add-on for “World of Warcraft” – the excellently barking mad ‘Mists of Pandaria‘. Which, splendidly, features warrior panda monks and Chinese-inspired locales and a bunch of game play additions for you if you’re in thrall to Blizzard’s MMORPGOMGZROFLCOPTER.

Where be my dumplings? I require extra dumplings!

Finally, there’s a bunch of “Diablo 3” stuff, which kind of interests me more, given my recently found love of loot-grabbing games and some stuff on “Blizzard DOTA”, which (to me) came out of nowhere and looks fun – various Blizzard characters, duking it out in arenas and raining on Valve’s “DOTA”aping parade somewhat.

It’s good to see Blizzard still creating new stuff – they could be happy to just sit back and count the ‘WarCraft’ cash, but they clearly want to stay reasonably relevant.  Yeah, we’re talking updates and iterations on franchises, admittedly, but in gaming that doesn’t seem to be the big problem that it is in other media.

Just check out that “StarCraft 2” video – so good.



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