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Futuristic “Zorro”, anybody?

Some franchise reinventions you don’t see coming.

Post-apocalyptic, futuristic “Zorro” is one of them, as Fox have announced plans to make a post-apocalyptic (Dare we say dieselpunk?) adventure featuring the Mexican crusader.  Being not entirely up to speed with the character, I was unaware that there had been a recent reboot of the character in 2007 for an animated series “Zorro: Generation Z”, but this reboot seems to be going less like this:

I predict a less colour-saturated take on the Z-man from Fox...

If Fox have their way, this is going to look a bit more like the “Fallout” video games, given the post-apocalyptic setting apparently in use.


As is usually the case with such a reboot, there’s more than one project doing the rounds at the moment, with Sony Pictures looking to revisit the character, too – you may remember that the studio released the successful “The Mask of Zorro” back in 1998 with Antonio Banderas and a slightly less well-received sequel in 2005, “The Legend of Zorro”.

California needs me - I must go...

So, instead of Antonio suiting up again, we’re going to see Gael Garcia Bernal righting wrongs in a post-apocalyptic USA, which seems like a fun notion until you read in the project’s press release that the romantic matinée idol hero seems to be getting one of those regrettable ‘edgy’ make-overs which film producers insist on (as if to confirm once and for all that they have no ideas, only want to sell their movie to ADD-medicated 14-year-old boys and shouldn’t be left in charge of project development if it means that they come up with ‘ideas’ like transforming Zorro into a one-man killing machine).

Myself, I'd rather have a grinning Zorro than an Emo bad-ass wannabe...

I have a lot of time for Bernal and I hope that the initial premise for this movie isn’t necessarily what ends up being in screen in 2014 – the revenge-seeking vigilante concept is a little played-out at this point, isn’t it?

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