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New “Amazing Spider-Man” trailer 23% more amazing, significantly spidery.

How absolutely typical.

No sooner have I posted about how little the trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man have done for me so far than Sony up and drop a new trailer that’s actually pretty cool.  What are the odds of that happening?


Honestly, it’s as if somebody’s cottoned on to the fact that there’s a very crowded marketplace out there this summer and they really want you to go and see the damned thing.

Quite sensibly, the hive mind behind this trailer have decided to show one of the big set pieces in reasonable detail so that we can get a sense of the action in this reboot from director Marc Webb – and it’s looking pretty tasty, blending Peter Parker’s ineffable likeability and the ‘check this out’ swagger of his abilities when employed in the face of certain doom.


I really enjoyed this trailer and might actually drag myself to the cinema to see it now – after all, something’s got to fill in that hellish July fortnight or so until Christopher Nolan lays waste to the hearts and minds of fanboys and geek girls eagerly wondering how he’ll possibly top The Dark Knight with the final instalment of his Bat trilogy.


“The Amazing Spider-Man” attempts to divest you from your ready cash on 3 July 2012 in the UK – uncommonly fortunate folks in New Zealand and Japan get to see it from the 28th June.


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New “Amazing Spider-Man” poster makes your eyes go funny…


All very nice, I’m sure, but what would this chap make of it?


A vexing question and one which occupies me as I’ve yet to see any compelling reason to drag my nerdy ass to the cinema to see this reboot when it opens in July, fancy posters be darned.  I’m going to be waiting for the likes of @ThatKevinSmith and the greater comics community to weigh in before I get a sense of whether this is a rejig too far.

Marc Webb‘s previous film, “500 Days of Summer” was a pretty fun diversion but it didn’t show me that he’s the man to call the shots on a big franchise entry like this but clearly he talks a good game if could convince Sony to hand over the keys to arguably their biggest movie series.



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